The UK's unsigned music scene is ACE. Let's not forget about it, ok? We're here to increase coverage of unsigned musicians simply because we bloody love music.

Unsigned is in the making and I need your help!

This cover is a little bit blah-ey and alphabet-ey but you get the general idea.


I’ve had plenty of ideas and started plenty of projects yet I’ve never felt as passionate towards any of them as I feel for Unsigned. I feel like this is what I’m meant to do. I simply adore music and have always held the belief that the press don’t look after unsigned musicians as much as they should. They are the potential future after all. I am hoping that Unsigned will grow into something worthwhile but, for this, I need help!

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Good afternoon! You’re looking rather dashing today.

Welcome to Unsigned; your brand new source for unsigned music. Click follow, drop us a line through the ‘Contact Us’ page and keep an eye out. We will be updating the blog as much as possible and in May next year we will be posting our first print copy of the magazine. After that, who knows?